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Church Margreid / Magrè

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Vineria Paradeis

Casòn Hirschprunn

The name comes from the Prunner family, who owned the estate for over two centuries. In the 16th century, the family was elevated to the status of nobility and thus became the "Prunners of Hirschprunn". In the course of this social advancement, the family's crest was enhanced by a stag and a fountain.


The rooms were repapered in the 19th century in the course of historicism. Today  used as a popular setting for photo shootings.


248 m², suitable for a maximum of 200 guests.

Originally used as a storage room for grain, today it gives a unique rustic flair to any kind of event.

Professional childcare

On request, we organise professional childcare during the events.  Children enrich every celebration, so we try to integrate them into the festivities. A suitable programme is created for each age group. We are also happy to organise a supervised bed camp so that parents can celebrate longer at the after-dinner party.


It is popularly said that a tamarisk marks a very special place.
Every year in spring, the tree delights guests with its stunning pink blossom.


315m² well suited for 50 - 380 guests

Cut out from the outside world, this idyllic courtyard in the typical 'Überetscher style' opens up a unique setting that lends events a special atmosphere.


360 m² well suited for up to 300 guests.

For a long timecountless barrique barrels were stored here. Today the spacious hall offers a variety of possibilities. The cross vault not only gives the room a special aesthetic, but also unique acoustics that are ideally suited for musical events.


For every event you will find our experienced bartenders ready to serve you the finest drinks.



The ground-level cellars together form the after-dinner area. The lounge bar, party cellar and foyer are connected.

Romanic cellar


Dating back to the 13th century, this ground-level cellar of the Renaissance palace is part of the Romanesque core building of the estate.
The cellar is often used for after-dinner parties.

Music and lighting installation

We have our own high-quality audio and lighting installation with moving heads, lightbars and a hazer, everything you need for a spectacular after-dinner party.



Entrance hall


The entrance hall on the first floor leads to four further side rooms which are all authentically furnished and versatile.

Breakfast room








Piano Nobile

In the second half of the 17th century, Johann Christian Prunner expanded the Renaissance residence into a Baroque palace, which the citizens of Magré respectfully call the 'palace' today. Under his rule, the first floor, today called the Piano Nobile, was converted into a representative residential wing. With this redesign, Casòn Hirschprunn succeeded in rising to the Olympus of local aristocratic architecture.

Grand hall


The Piano Nobile's ceremonial hall, which has been used for centuries as a representation room, is still in its full splendour today. Many different events take place in the cerimonial Hall: lectures, conferences, product presentations, wine tastings, cultural events, banquets, wedding ceremonies and the popular dessert buffet as part of festive occasions....

Oven Salon


Fountain court

Picturesque ambience between lemon- and pomegranate trees, cypresses, lavender and jasmine. The splashing of the fresh fountain water and the shade of Casòn Hirschprunn invites you to linger

Small salon



This late Renaissance tiled stove was built in the classic “Oltradige” style and is certainly one of the most beautiful of its time.
Stove builders admire not only its artistic design but also its special shape. Particularly noteworthy are the solid columns set on the corners of the base and the delicate latticework below the cornice.

Chapel room





Music salon


Baroque salon





The small house chapel was kept on purpose but is not used. For all couples who would like to get married in church, the[ Margreid parish church ]( be used by arrangement.


The toilets are easily accessible from the Granar as well as from the Palace.


Exclusive suite for our wedding couples. Kitchen-living room, bedroom and bathroom are available to the couples for their wedding night.


The Vineria Paradeis offers various [wine tastings]( Interested? Take a look at our website.



Beautiful ground floor cellar with cross vaults and equipped with a design kitchen. The Cantinetta is suitable for business events as well as for aperitifs and banquets. It is an integral part of the Vineria Paradeis and, in combination with its indoor and outdoor areas, it can lend an unique atmosphere to events.


Here we process our [farm's own products.](


In 1880 the park was laid out by Alfons von Widmann. In 1991 Alois Lageder acquired the property and together with the Australian landscape architect Donald Leevers brought the park out of its sleep.
Today it is a wonderful retreat for visitors to the Vineria Paradeis and a dreamy scenery for all the guests at our many events.

In the shade of this ancient trees, you can find narrow paths, benches and several fountains. A dreamy park that invites you to linger.