Parish Church Bolzano



> [Carillon](,-.04&ss=65&m=ad69haQgotF) > [Firewarden](,-.57&ss=16&m=ad69haQgotF) > [Bellfry](,-1.31&ss=108&m=ad69haQgotF) > [Vaulted roof](,1.32&ss=170&m=ad69haQgotF)


> [Carillon](,-.04&ss=65&m=ad69haQgotF) > [Firewarden](,-.57&ss=16&m=ad69haQgotF)

> [Carillon](,-.04&ss=65&m=ad69haQgotF) > [Firewarden](,-.57&ss=16&m=ad69haQgotF) > [Bellfry](,-1.31&ss=108&m=ad69haQgotF)

The Bells are ringing

Folk altar

by Michael Höllrigl from Lana (1977) made of Portuguese marble


The organ from 1964 was extensively restored, expanded and centered in the central nave in 2019 by Metzler Orgelbau AG from Dietikon (CH). 59 sounding registers, a swell, four manuals, the latest technical playing aids.

Late Gothic pulpit (1513/14)

Stone carving by Hans Lutz von Schussenried. In the parapet the four Latin church fathers. Coat of arms of the Bozen innkeeper and mayor Jost Ortlieb (main sponsor).

Reliquary Heinrich von Bozen

Reliquary of Blessed Heinrich von Bozen (+1315), patron saint of Bozen, silver work around 1759

Reliquary Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer

Reliquary of Blessed Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer (+1860), work by Karl Kusstatscher around 1995

Vespers picture of Hans von Judenburg

stone cast sculpture around 1420

Miraculous image of the "Moss Mother of God“

marble statue from Verona around 1200

Gravestone of Count Wilhelm von Henneberg (1479) from Thuringia

Heart of Jesus - Jesus picture

Heart of Christ - Christ picture framed by gold and silver by Carl Henrici around 1770. In front of this picture the Tyrolean provinces consecrated the state of Tyrol to the heart of Jesus in 1796 in acute danger of war.


Crypt of the Austrian Archduke Rainer (+1853) and his wife Elisabetta di Savoia-Carignano; likewise their son Heinrich with his wife

Epitaph of Konrad Crille

Epitaph of Konrad Crille and his wife Irmgard. Wall painting around 1325

St. Wenceslas, fresco around 1320-25

Sacrament house

Sacrament house made of beaten copper by Martin Rainer (1996)

Maria Sculpture

Maria, a masterpiece of the Augsburg construction works under Martin Schieche (1390)

Monumental crucifix

Monumental crucifix from the 2nd quarter of the 14th century.

Heart of Mary Altar

neo-Gothic winged altar (1898)

Katharina, baroque altar sheet

(from a baroque altar destroyed in the war) by Ulrich Glantschnig (1702)

Maria with Saints Florian and Eligius, baroque altar sheet

(from a baroque altar that was destroyed in the war) by Ulrich Glantschnigg (1722)

Brass chandelier with the satuettes

Brass chandelier with the satuettes of St. Rochus and St. Sebastian donated by the Bozen tailors (tailor's crown) by Sebastian Denner from Nuremberg (1675)

Brass chandelier

donated by the binders (a little older than 1675)

Sacred Heart Altar

neo-Gothic winged altar (1898)

John the Baptist altar

neo-Gothic winged altar (1899)

Floriani altar

neo-Gothic winged altar (1899) in the altar burial place of Josef Mayr-Nusser, who was beatified in 2017, framed with red Corten steel and red rails that indicate his martyrdom in a cattle wagon near Erlangen.

Coronation of Mary

Coronation of Mary by the three divine persons (late Gothic)

Choir organ

Choir organ (1998) from Metzler from Dietikon (CH)

Gravestone for Jakob Trapp (1475)

Frescoes by Carl Henrici

Frescoes by Carl Henrici with scenes from the life of Mary in the dome of the Chapel of Mercy (1771)

Epitaph by Aloisius Wirsung (1513)

by Gregor Erhart with Renaissance influence, Augsburg merchant's son, who died at the age of 28 in Bozen.