Villa Kato


Virtual events decrease the per attendee cost, eliminating traditional expenses such as facility rental, labor, and travel.
More budget left for more and better speakers as well for the best preparation of the virtual environment.


Virtual events can remain live year round, increasing ROI. This is a remaining marketing tool for destinations.

mass data

If you want big data, go virtual - but enjoy the environment built.


Virtual event providers have advanced chatting technology, making it exciting and engaging for attendees to chat within the event, the world still needs handshakes.
However, over in the buying experience department, networking can actually be easier virtually.

long-Term ROI Effects

Virtual events can be leveraged year round to increase brand awareness and authority across a broad audience.
Physical events create strong brandassociations that build authority over time - this leads to awareness for the destination in both business-travel as well and especially for leisure-tourism.