Schloss Immenstadt - CoWorking

Telephone boxes

So that you don't disturb the other co-workers and you can make your phone calls undisturbed.

Multifunctional device

For copying or printing out 2-sided-pages of your documents.

Coffee machine

So you can start the day with power!

Individual Offices

Your own individual space! Starting from a minimum rent of 3 months.

Flex Desk

You want to come by just for one day or on irregular terms - this is the place you'll sit.

Fix Desk

Your own desk - it comes with a storage box. Starting from 1 month.

Sanitary area with shower


In case you want to leave your stuff in the space.


Throughout the day the coworkers can use the entire kitchen and its tools. In the evenings and on weekends the kitchen can be booked for cooking classes or workshops.

Outdoor working area

The wifi also works in the outdoor area.