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What is the ideal place to refine a cheese?An essential feature is that parameters like room temperature, humidity, ventilation and darkness are maintained constant throughout the year. The place has a very strong influence on the final product, so this is where the skill of a refiner shows: in finding the right place, in perfecting it according to the peculiarities of the cheese and especially in taking care of it.We refine our cheese in special ageing cells and in an excellent place, a Bunker, which ensures naturally the perfect temperature and humidity conditions for the cheese to mature due to its construction features.

Latemar Gigant

35kg wheels, one every day. Orange grind and straw-yellow dough. It is possible to ask for a personalized decoration on the wheel. The curd gets moulded thanks to a cloth, which is repeatedly folded and changed; because of this artisanal procedure, you may often find small marks on the sides of the rind. Seasoning ca. 20 months

Burgeiser Classic

Cheese with unmistakable aromas which bring us into the Alta Val Venosta green meadows and its unique vegetation. It is produced in the cooperative creamery of Burgusio. This dairy store was founded in 1950 and it is one of the three creameries which collects fresh milk from cows that are not feed with silage food. The farms who provide the milk are 48 and own from two up to twentyfive cows. Seasoning ca. 4 months

Felsbrocken BIO

Artisanal hard cheese from hay milk, without genetic engineering, without artificial additives according to Demeter guidelines. Seasoning ca. 24 months

Cuor di Fassa

Cheese produced in the Campitello milk factory in the Val di Fassa; it can be also found as 'Ciampedel', the Ladin name of the village. Characterized by the lack of lactic anzymes added. All the cheeses produced with the pasture-milk of the summer time get the name of "tastes of the Malga". Marked with a unique brand, the rind has an oily feel, the straw-yellow dough is tick and elastic with small scattered holes. Great on Polenta dishes. Seasoning ca. 3 months


"Bagoss" is an expression in the dialect of the region which means "Bagolio's", the name of the village situated in Val Caffaro from which the cheese comes from. The addition of saffron to brighten the color is still allowed. During the curing process, the rind is treated with linen oils. It is the basis of many traditional recipes, from Polenta to bean based dishes. Seasoning ca. 24 months


The "Sibratsgfäller" is a mountain cheese that is produced in the "Vorderbregenzerwald" from fresh and controlled hay milk. The cows graze on a height of 930 m up to 1500 m and thus enjoy the old tradition, still preserved in three stages of breeding. This mountain cheese is very balanced between its bitter and sweet components. In its sense of smell it is an association of a flowery meadow and of perceptible walnuts. Its compact-friable consistency is completed with tyrosine crystals that are created during the seasoning. It is an ideal cheese for a tasting with characteristic red wines. Seasoning ca. 24 months

La Pecorina


It’s produced at Valles, a village in the municipality of Rio di Pusteria. This cheese, done of raw goat milk, has a diameter of about 15 cm and a bulbous shape. The rind is smooth and brown colored, the pastry is holey and ivory colored. Seasoning ca. 3 months


This speciality from the heart of the Alps is produced on the alp of Gamperdona on 1.450 m above sea level. It’s a summer production from June till September. It ages about 8 months, than it gets delivered to DEGUST. There it matures 20 months more in the cheese-bunker and gets refined with linseed oil. The colour of the rind is ocher, the texture is compact. This cheese has strong nutty aromas.

Val Rendena

Seasoning ca. 24 months

Fane Alp

South Tyrolean Alp cheese GRAUN

The mountain pasture consists in the seasonal conduction of the animals high in the mountains, above 2000m of altitude in order to get the best of the meadows and, therefore, produce very high quality milk and cheese. The climb usually takes place after the first half of June while the descent is after the first half of September. Washed hazelnut brown rind, bright yellow dough, aromas of ripe fruit and Alpine herbes. Seasoning ca. 18 months

South Tyrolean Alp cheese

12 C°

12 C° temperatura e 90 % humidity